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The essentials of what an excavator hire can do for your construction project

The excavator is one of the most versatile pieces of construction equipment out there. It performs a tremendous amount of duties on worksites and is used to accommodate countless projects in their effort to work efficiently and effectively. What are the parts of an excavator? To fully recognise what an excavator is capable of, it…
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recycled building materials

How a scrap yard marketplace can benefit your next DIY renovations projec

A good scrap yard is a prosperous marketplace for builders, renovators and gardeners alike who are all seeking garden landscaping supplies and building material on a budget. Using materials such as recycled timber and recycled wood for backyard renovations or house renovations is a ‘win-win’ idea as it means these items will be utilised for…
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uilding demolition

The building demolition process explained

The demolition of small structure buildings, i.e. homes, is a fairly straightforward process when going through a team of professional demolishers. With the use of massive hydraulic equipment and machinery, such as raised work platforms, cranes, excavators and bulldozers, the building can be torn down efficiently, either manually or mechanically.  A professional building demolition is…
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Proper disposal of asbestos in Queensland

Asbestos is notorious for being a hazardous material. The substance contains tiny fibrils that if airborne can become lodged into a person’s lungs, leading to cancer or scarring. Exposure to asbestos is prone to happen by breathing in the air on site of a demolished or renovated building that contains asbestos. As a general rule,…
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Tips and tricks on choosing the right excavator for the job

When it comes to heavy machinery, the excavator is definitely one of the most vital pieces of equipment to have. The machine performs various functions across a wide variety of industries and jobs for both commercial and residential projects. From digging backyard pools to mining, laying roadways to forestry. This versatility also means there are…
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Common types of asbestos in Australia

Australia has been faced with an asbestos burden for decades. Between the 1940s and 1990s, Australia’s mining and use of various types of asbestos was some of the highest in the world per capita. The prevalent use of residential asbestos throughout 1945 to 1960 has meant that as more homeowners renovate, fix or demolish older…
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