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How a scrap yard marketplace can benefit your next DIY renovations projec

A good scrap yard is a prosperous marketplace for builders, renovators and gardeners alike who are all seeking garden landscaping supplies and building material on a budget. Using materials such as recycled timber and recycled wood for backyard renovations or house renovations is a ‘win-win’ idea as it means these items will be utilised for cost-effective, practical purposes. 

From reducing the amount of waste at landfills to lowering overall material costs, there is an abundance of benefits a marketplace can offer people looking to do DIY renovations. Here are just a few benefits a scrap yard marketplace can provide you with your next project.

DIY renovations on a budget

For those looking to do house renovations or backyard renovations on a budget, a recycled building material marketplace is the quintessential destination. The costs of virgin materials are always subject to fluctuations in market pricing; sometimes seeing prices of materials skyrocket overnight. 

When new materials are generated, it requires heavy machinery, additional labour and specialised equipment. This equates to greater costs. Basically, extracting new materials to be used for products is going to cost more money. Transportation costs – including moving, shipping and delivering – also inflate prices. 

Instead, if you were to seek out recycled timber, recycled wood or other recycled building material for your garden landscaping project or house renovations, you will not have to worry about these unpredictable price fluctuations. 

Do your part in recycling 

Our planet only has so much to give before it runs out of resources; so utilising a scrap yard marketplace assists in reducing the use of raw resources and the pollution that comes from manufacturing them. Essentially, the more building material we recycle and reuse, the more resources we will preserve for the future.

Landfills should not be considered to be the best solution, with items such as plastic planters that will sit for hundreds of years. Seeking a marketplace will reduce your ecological footprint and help you live a greener life.

Find unique building material and house furnishings

Demolition work is one of our core functions at Townsville Demolitions and part of the process involves carefully salvaging quality building materials to be used for garden landscaping, DIY renovations and styling purposes. Our scrap yard stocks a huge range of the highest quality recycled building materials and vintage house furnishings, which have been carefully recovered from old homes and buildings.

Our range includes:

  • Recycled timber
  • Recycled wood
  • Garden landscaping supplies
  • French doors
  • Security screens
  • Sliding glass windows
  • Glass louvres
  • Louvre galleries
  • Recycled bricks

If you’re looking for or recycled building materials in Townsville, we invite you to pop into our scrap yard marketplace. We’re open Monday to Friday from 7.30 am – 5 pm and Saturday from 7.30 am – midday! Call us today on (07) 4775 7148 if you have any questions. 


Call Townsville Demolitions on (07) 4775 7148 today, to organise your free asbestos inspection.

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