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Townsville’s Reliable Asbestos Removal Experts

Put safety first with professional asbestos removal

Townsville Demolitions specialises in performing the safe and professional removal of asbestos from residential and commercial buildings. As authorised asbestos removal specialists, we will ensure your site is safely cleared of asbestos and certified with a clearance certificate.

Why choose us?

We are equipped to perform all manner of asbestos projects, holding all necessary licenses and tools:

  • A Class asbestos licence – this approves us to remove any quantity of asbestos
  • Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency – we can transport asbestos as needed
  • Hand demolition equipment and asbestos suits – necessary for carrying out the project
  • 3 stage decontamination unit – this is essential for removing friable asbestos

Unsure if your site holds asbestos? Don’t take the risk! Townsville Demolitions can carry out a comprehensive asbestos inspection and test your home or building for this dangerous substance.

How the asbestos removal process works

Townsville Demolitions aims to make the asbestos removal process as easy, convenient and stress-free as possible for you. Here is a clear run-down of what to expect from the process:

Step 1: Inspection and Testing

Call us on (07) 4775 7148 for your asbestos inspection. During this inspection we will take a sample and have it tested by an independent hygienist to confirm if it is friable or non-friable asbestos. (If you have already had this test performed, we can proceed straight to compiling your quote).

Step 2: Test Results – Determine if Asbestos is Friable or Non-Friable

Once the test results confirm the type of asbestos, we will undertake a feasibility study and consider all project requirements. This will help us in compiling your quote.

Step 3: Quote

You will receive a quote for your asbestos removal.

Step 4: Notify Workplace Health & Safety

If you accept the quote and would like to proceed, we submit a form to the government, notifying Workplace Health & Safety of the scheduled asbestos removal project. We also ensure we have all necessary work method statements prepared.

Step 5: Perform Asbestos Removal

Our asbestos removal team will ensure the service is carried out according to industry requirements. We use hand tools for the demolition, reducing the risk of creating dust, and wear specialist asbestos work suits for extra precaution. For friable asbestos projects, a complete decontamination unit is put in place with additional workplace health and safety processes.

Step 6: Perform Asbestos Disposal

All asbestos is safely transported to the Townsville City Council waste facility and disposed.

Step 7: Site is Cleared and Certified

Upon completion of the project, the site will be comprehensively cleared. An independent hygienist then visits the site, performs a clearance inspection and issues a clearance certificate.


Put safety first with professional asbestos removal

Call Townsville Demolitions on (07) 4775 7148 today to organise your free asbestos inspection.

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