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The biggest and best range of recycled timber in Townsville

Sustainable living is a way of life that we all need to embrace. Collectively, we need to help preserve our environment for future generations. But when it comes to building or renovating your home, nobody wants sustainable living to ‘come at a price’ in regards the aesthetics or dollar value of your most prized asset!

Thanks to our eclectic range of bargain priced recycled timber in Townsville, sustainable living doesn’t have to come at a price! In fact, we’ll help you save money during your building or renovating process and help you make a real statement in the process.

Demolition work is one of our core functions at Townsville Demolitions and part the process involves carefully salvaging quality materials, which can be used for building, renovating and styling purposes.

Quality recycled timber is one of the main materials we salvage, including:

  • hardwook
  • silky oak and
  • red cedar

A large percentage of our recycled timber is over 100 years old and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes – including 2 x 1, 14 x 2, and 10 x 4. It’s all de-nailed and then stored in our yard. Some of our customers use it to build or raise their house, while others use it for cabinetry work or to create eye-catching furniture pieces, bathroom cabinets, windows or doors – your choices are endless!

There is a growing demand for recycled timber in Townsville, and we are finding people are coming from far and wide to view our ‘ever changing range’. Our customers cover a massive 400km radius, including areas such as Cairns, McKay, Proserpine, Ayr, Bowen, Charles Towers, Ingham and Hughenden.

In addition to stocking the largest range of recycled timber in Townsville, we also stock the biggest collection of recycled building materials in Townsville! You’ll find all manner of vintage materials and pieces in our popular recycle yard, including:

  • corrugated iron
  • recycled bricks and pavers
  • stainless steel sinks
  • gates and stairs
  • sliding glass windows
  • and French doors

That’s just a sample of what you’ll find on-site, you truly are spoilt for choice.

If you’re looking for recycled timber in Townsville or recycled building materials in Townsville, we invite you to pop in to our recycle yard. We’re open Monday to Friday from 7.30am – 5pm and Saturday from 7.30 am – midday!

Or for a bit of inspiration, connect with us on Facebook to see what some of our creative customers have been up to!


Call Townsville Demolitions on (07) 4775 7148 today, to organise your free asbestos inspection.

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