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The building demolition process explained

The demolition of small structure buildings, i.e. homes, is a fairly straightforward process when going through a team of professional demolishers. With the use of massive hydraulic equipment and machinery, such as raised work platforms, cranes, excavators and bulldozers, the building can be torn down efficiently, either manually or mechanically. 

A professional building demolition is pre-planned; with controlled methods being implemented to ensure a safe complete or partial demolition is performed. The work often combines structural demolition of load bearing elements and the stripping of internal fixtures and fittings, as well as non-load bearing elements. 

What risk factors are considered during the building demolition process?

Demolition workers consider risks to both the people involved and surrounding property in their planning and during the demolition process. Bearing in mind that demolition work can expose workers and the general public to significant risks that may cause injury or death. Professional demolishers will also consider the condition of the structure that is to be demolished but also the surrounding structures. Therefore, the planning process will take adjacent buildings and other assets into consideration. 

What do professional demolishers need to know and do?

Registered and professional demolishers will have the capacity and understanding to carry out, manage and arrange the following:

  • Preparing quotes 
  • Consulting with engineers 
  • Developing site‐specific demolition work plans
  • Applying for demolition permits
  • Identifying site, work-related hazards & risk management strategies 
  • Arranging fall protection equipment
  • Establishing and managing asbestos risk register
  • Undertaking manual demolition
  • Removing external and internal fixtures
  • Arranging waste transportation
  • Undertaking demolition and stripping of internal fittings and non‐load bearing elements of buildings up to five storeys

So, what is the building demolition process?

The first step is to consult a competent team of professional demolishers who will be able to streamline the whole operation for you. During the consultation process, ensure the contractor will be able to coordinate the whole operation properly including the disconnection of facilities and utilities and the disposal of hazardous and waste materials. After you have found appropriate demolishers, you will need to work cooperatively throughout the demotion process, which includes these steps:

  1. Conclude a demolition plan & safety plan
  2. Obtain approvals and permits
  3. Pay any necessary fees
  4. Review plans
  5. Disconnect services – electricity, gas and water
  6. Sit back and watch the building demolition 
  7. Clean & dispose of the debris

Townsville Demolitions are professional demolishers and hold the required licenses and expertise to conduct a professional building demolition. Call us today on (07) 4775 7148 to organise your free inspection and leave the demolition job for the professionals.


Call Townsville Demolitions on (07) 4775 7148 today, to organise your free asbestos inspection.

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