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The essentials of what an excavator hire can do for your construction project

The excavator is one of the most versatile pieces of construction equipment out there. It performs a tremendous amount of duties on worksites and is used to accommodate countless projects in their effort to work efficiently and effectively.

What are the parts of an excavator?

To fully recognise what an excavator is capable of, it is helpful to look at its various components. Typically, An excavator is designed with a ‘house’, undercarriage and arm.

The undercarriage is responsible for moving the excavator, the house sits above this and contains the power source and operator controls. Finally, the arm projects from the main body of the excavator and is responsible for performing most actual physical work. 


  • Operator Cab – this is an enclosed cabin housing all the excavator controls and seating for the operator. 
  • Counterweight – a large counterweight is incorporated into all excavators to prevent the machine from tipping and to provide stability and greater maneuverability. 
  • Engine – the engine produces power for the tracks to move the excavator around the worksite. It also powers hydraulic pumps which supply pressurised oil to the arms, accessories and swing motor. 
  • Fuel and hydraulic fluid tanks – these are both located in the rear housing close to the engine.


  • Boom – the boom forms the upper part of the digging arm, attached to the front of the house and governing up and down movement. 
  • Stick – the stick is attached by a hinged joint to the end of the boom, providing the digging movement for the excavator.
  • Bucket – located at the bottom end of the stick, attached by another hinged joint. The bucket cylinder on the outside of the stick can pull the bucket inwards to lift material. 

What are excavators typically used for?

With these components, excavators can efficiently perform essential construction – and deconstruction – tasks such as digging trenches, holes and formulating foundations. These tasks are performed much more easy and effective with an excavator than any other piece of heavy equipment on the market. 

Due to the capabilities of an excavator, a wide range of industries utilise the specialised construction equipment for their sites. These industries include forestry, mining and all types of construction. Excavators are also common in the demolition industry, capable of dredging rivers, material handling and just simply lifting heavy objects.

There is not a more versatile piece of construction equipment than an excavator. Townsville Demolitions are well equipped with a range of hire excavators including a 1.8-tonne excavator, a 4.5-tonne excavator and a 30-tonne excavator. Call our expert team today on (07) 4775 7148 to organize an excavator hire for your worksite or project.


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