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Tips and tricks on choosing the right excavator for the job

When it comes to heavy machinery, the excavator is definitely one of the most vital pieces of equipment to have. The machine performs various functions across a wide variety of industries and jobs for both commercial and residential projects. From digging backyard pools to mining, laying roadways to forestry.

This versatility also means there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the appropriate size of excavator for what you need. Here are our tips and tricks on choosing the right excavator for your next project.

Identify the size of your project

Excavators are typically used for digging excavations and for trenching purposes. There are a countless different types and sizes of excavators in today’s market that are suitable for varied industries such as mining, forestry, construction, pipeline construction and much more. Which makes choosing the right excavator tricky!

So, depending on what project you are undertaking, there will be a few different types of excavators you may come across. We have made it easy and identified three different size and types of excavators that will offer you versatility and will definitely be suitable for your next project. Our choices are the 1.8 tonne excavator, the 4.5 tonne excavator and the 30 tonne excavator.

1.8 tonne excavator

Most commonly used in landscaping jobs, the 1.8 tonne excavator is a nimble operator. Despite its smaller size, it is capable of providing enough grunt to perform the simplest of excavations quickly and efficiently. From backyard digging for a pool to small landscaping jobs, the 1.8 tonne excavator is the most appropriate excavator choice for residential and small commercial projects.

4.5 tonne excavator

The 4.5 tonne excavator is ideally suited to road work, bigger landscaping projects and construction sites. This choice of excavator will bring a lot of power in a more compact unit but will also remain versatile in its use and deployment. From pipe lifting and digging trenches to laying roadways, the 4.5 tonne excavator is a well-balanced and multipurpose piece of machinery for most commercial projects.

30 tonne excavator

When choosing the right excavatorfor larger construction jobs on mostly wide and flat surfaces, the 30 tonne excavator is the perfect machine for the job. This piece of equipment is power and precision personified, the only downside is that it requires a large jobsite with plenty of turning room. But, if the job demands it, the 30 tonne excavator is more than capable for the job.

Things to consider

If you have a smaller job, excavators that are lightweight can be transported more easily and quickly. These smaller types of excavators are extremely useful for trenching, with advances is hydraulic systems often providing them with as much power and capabilities than much larger pieces of equipment. For example, when used in forestry, smaller excavators with hydraulic attachments are able to perform brush cutting and forestry mulching quicker than any other methods.

There is no more versatile piece of heavy equipment out there than the excavator. Which is why it is vital to consider all variables when choosing the right excavator for your next residential or commercial project. Townsville Demolitions are well equipped with a range of excavators including a 1.8 tonne excavator, a 4.5 tonne excavator and a 30 tonne excavator. Call our expert team today on (07) 4775 7148 to organize an excavator for your worksite.


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