About Us

Who we are

Townsville Demolitions is a demolition and excavation company that specialises in demolition, asbestos removal and house relocation. We work within the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, utilising industry best practices, stringent safety codes and the highest-quality machinery.

Our story

Townsville Demolitions was started way back in 1978 by Gabriel (Gabby) Stathooles and Lawrence (Mick) Trotman. A baker by trade, many people remarked that Gabby was going into unchartered waters, when he teamed up with Mick from the city garbage collection.

A small block of land was purchased in Carmel St, Garbutt (the present day site) and Townsville Demolitions was established. Starting small with a couple of ladders, hammers, pinch bars, two old utes and a second hand tip truck, progress was quickly made.

A chance interaction with a senior workplace health and safety inspector resulted in a long-term relationship, which still drives the standards and practices through which safe and accredited services are provided today.

Three decades on and Townsville Demolitions has grown to become one of the region’s leading demolition companies. With our vast experience, commitment to safety and access to advanced machinery and resources, we continue to meet the needs of community, government and business.

Our project capabilities

With such a large area of expertise and access to a range of resources, Townsville Demolitions can cater to the smallest residential project to large and complex industrial projects. We have performed work on houses, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, police stations, prisons, warehouses and railway yard buildings.

An extensive portfolio

Previous clients include Building and Asset Services, Jackson and Semler, FKG, CPB Contractors, and Collins Foods.

Where we service

With a proud reputation that reaches far and wide, Townsville Demolitions services a large area in Queensland. While we are based in Townsville, we are willing to travel north to Cairns, east to the ocean, south to Mackay and west to Hughenden.


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