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Which method of demolition best suits your needs?

A demolition can be the entire or partial dismantle of a structure on your land. There is also more than one way a house demolition can be performed. Below are the most common methods of dismantling a structure.

Mechanical demolition

Perhaps the most common demolition performed is the ‘mechanical demolition’. This demolition is the act of tearing the house down with excavators and other heavy machinery. This type of demolition is typically the most financially viable however, little to none of the home’s materials survive this style of demolition. If time is not on your side, this form of demolition is likely your best option.


A deconstruction is the manual process of stripping and deconstructing the house and is often performed by hand. When a deconstruction is carried out on the house it is taken apart piece by piece. This results in the most of the home’s materials being able to be reused or recycled, materials such as beams, windows, doors, wood, and glass. This process of house demolition can be costly and time consuming. House deconstructions are the most environmentally responsible as minimal materials from the process end up in landfill.

Deconstruction Demolition

As the name implies, a deconstruction demolition is a combination of the two previously listed methods. To start, materials that can be salvaged and reused without too much work will be removed from the home. Once the desired components have been extracted, the remainder of the structure is demolished with machinery and the remnants of the debris removed from the site and taken to landfill.

Each method, regardless which you proceed with has its ‘pro’s and con’s’. At Townsville Demolitions our highly experienced team are able to help recommend which method will best suit you, based on your individual needs from the clearing. Call the friendly team at Townsville Demolitions today on 07 4775 7148 to discuss having a demolition performed on your site or building.


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