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Why more construction companies are choosing second-hand timber

Using reusable building products is not only more cost-effective but it keeps the industry sustainable and extends the life of pre-loved products.

As building and renovation customers are very environmentally focused, there is an increased demand for second-hand timber as they see landfill as the worst case result for products that can be reused effectively.

Previously wooden structures would have been left to rot but are now salvaged and recycled timber can be given a new lease on life. Salvaged timber from old bridges, wharves, power poles and railways can be turned into amazing structural and flooring solutions for homes and offices.

What are the benefits of second-hand timber?

Aside from the fact that recycled timber gives character and has a history, the obvious benefits are to the environment and reducing your carbon footprint when constructing a new building. Second-hand timber means new forests aren’t being cut down to make building products when salvaged timber can do the job. New also materials require heavy machinery, additional labour and transportation costs associated with shipping and delivery. 

How is second-hand timber salvaged?

During the demolition of a structure, quality materials that can be reused for building supplies are carefully salvaged. These may include timber, landscaping supplies, bricks, wooden doors, plumbing supplies, gates, fences, windows and screens. Hardwood, oak and cedar are also salvaged for use in specialist cabinetry and furniture. A lot of recycled timber is over 100 years old and comes in a range of shapes and sizes (2×1, 14×2, 10×4). It is de-nailed and stored in a yard.

Is second-hand timber expensive?

Recycled timber is actually very cost-effective especially since the price of new timber has continued to rise in recent years. The domestic and international price of fresh timber has hit unprecedented highs due to shipping delays associated with the global pandemic and high demand for new home buildings across Australia, the United States and Europe. The Home Builder program in Australia proved very popular which has resulted in bigger lead times for construction projects and wait times for supplies getting longer and longer. The end result will be an increased cost on building a new home or other construction and due to shortages, it will take longer. So that makes recycled timber a much better option for construction companies.

So second-hand timber is enjoying a growing demand thanks to its environmentally friendly lifespan, low cost compared with expensive new timber, and readiness for construction.

Here at Townsville Demolitions, we salvage high-quality timber and other building products. You’ll love our extensive range of recycled items. So, feel free to drop in today or give us a call on (07) 4775 7148 to see if we can meet your building needs.


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